Pets Weddings

How to introduce pets weddings?

After years of organizing weddings, on more than one occasion we have worked with them, with pets, so we are going to show how to introduce pets weddings.

pets weddings

Pets at weddings

They are very important for grooms having them in their daily lives, they decide to make them part of your wedding (usually as pages or as carriers of the ring). Also for images of their reports or pre-wedding post. They are like a family member, someone indispensable to the great day of his wedding.
Weddings in Granada with pets

Dogs, cats and even birds of falconry. On all occasions we could see the love professed by their owners, and how exciting it was for them to have on your big day with these animals that are part of your life.Para quienes tenemos mascotas, o símplemente somos amantes de los animales, nos parece un detalle precioso el hacer partícipe a nuestras mascotas en las bodas.

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More and more couples who choose to have their pets at weddings. Without doubt give a touch tender and your big day special.

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