Alhambra Weddings is a company based in Granada that offers you a professional Wedding Planning service in Granada, Andalusia and the whole Spain

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We offer you an exclusive service of Spanish Officiants for civil wedding ceremonies. We create for you unique and personalized moments.

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With Alhambra Weddings, every last detail will be under control

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The best hotels in Granada, wineries, spanish cortijos, granadian houses, old palaces, restaurants with stunning views over the Alhambra palace and Granada city, and wedding venues in Granada’s Tropical Coast in the Mediterranean sea



We offer you a complete and professional wedding service in Granada. The best providers and the best places, that will cover all services that you may need.

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We work with creative florists and wedding decorators who will make for you finest floral works: from bridal bouquets, table centerpieces, to main table’s decorations and stunning and well-prepared flower arrangements based in your tastes, prefered colours and wedding style.

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We offer you the bes wedding cakes and cupcakes makers in Granada

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Please, send us a message and let us know what your wedding idea is. We will work to make come true your dream wedding in Andalusia.

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Cada pareja es única y por eso cada boda es especial y distinta, conforme a los gustos y deseos de la pareja. Confíe en profesionales y déjese llevar por nuestra experiencia.

Ángeles Porcel

Wedding Planner, Alhambra Weddings


We are professional Wedding Planner & Designers. Trust the profesionals for a perfect wedding in Granada


Our wedding officiants will advise you and will create unforgettable moments for your wedding ceremony


The best Hotels, Wineries, Country Houses, Old palaces, restaurants and hotels by the sea

Your Wedding Planner for a perfect wedding in Granada

Please, ask for a quote and we will adapt to your needs

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Wedding decorations in Granada

Wedding decorations in Granada Here we show you some examples of our decorations for weddings in Granada. We work with finest works of decorations for wedding receptions decor, backdrops, centerpieces, head tables and wedding cakes decor (natural flowers). If you are... read more

Moss wedding decorations

    Moss wedding decorations If you want to give a natural touch to your wedding/event decor, moss is a wonderful way to make it in addition to flowers that are basic. Just a few simple touches of moss, will give freshness, nature and a rustic style to your... read more

Indian weddings in Spain: A perfect indian wedding in Granada

Indian Wedding in Granada This is how Farouk and Seema described their decission of getting married in Granada: “When Seema and I decided on the ideal place to do our wedding, we initially focused on Mexico. When we couldn’t make Mexico happen (because we scared... read more

Testimonials from our brides and grooms

Hola, nuestra boda fue el pasado 27 de septiembre y nuestra oficiante fue Ana. La ceremonia fue muy bonita y emotiva lejos de la frialdad de una ceremonia civil e hizo que mucha gente que no había estado en una boda civil cambiara su forma de verla. Nuestras gracias por vuestro saber hacer

Andrés González

Dear Angeles and married couples to be,

We certainly believe that fate transcends all, and it was more so apparent when we decided to get married in Granada, a city that bridges our cultures, history and characters. We’ve traveled the world and have met so many great people on our journeys; and this has shaped our understanding of people. Our first communications with Angeles were over e-mail, we felt the warmth and care in her words, we were always assured that the planning of our wedding would be seamless: from finding the perfect location to the entertainment. We spent endless nights discussing with Angeles all of the finer points of the special day/week, and it felt like we were talking to a friend we had known for years –  someone who you would consider part of your family. And she certainly has become part of the family!

As a couple that pays particular attention to detail, all of the people that Angeles recommended to be part of our wedding crew were exceptional. We felt their care and hospitality, and the passion they put into their work. The result translated into the perfect wedding! Everyone worked so well together, which made the experience that much more special. Imagine 100 people being invited to one family’s home, that’s how it felt. Our guests flew in from all around the world and they all experienced the exact same feelings.

Organizing an event so special and magical is first nature to Angeles. She truly is an Angel – our Capitán de Bodas! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and can’t wait to see you again.

Lots of Love

Amel and Shafic

“Magic in Granada”

We just had the wedding of our dreams in Granada with the help of Alhambra Weddings. Angeles was amazing to work with- she is so attentive to detail, flexible, patient and so incredibly professional. Thank you, Angeles, for EVERYTHING.

Nathan & Jessica

Decidimos contratar el servicio de wedding planner de Alhambra Weddings porque vivimos es EEUU y no sabíamos como hacerlo desde allí. Nuestra experiencia con Ángeles ha sido maravillosa, nos recomendó el sitio ideal, nos conecto con la mejor persona para la decoración y nos ayudo con todo y a solventar los imprevistos de última hora. Si me casara otra vez en Granada no dudaría en contratar a Ángeles de nuevo!
Angeles estuvo al pie del cañón hasta el último momento para que todo saliera bien, y así fue.

Cristina Moreno

Muchas veces nos sentiamos bastante solos y preocupados, nerviosos, pero nuestra incombustible y solida Wedding Planner nos hacia sentir que había alguien ahi trabajando para que todo llegara a buen puerto, como así ha sido.

Iñaki & Lafita

Dear Angeles,

When Seema and I decided on the ideal place to do our wedding, we initially focused on Mexico.  When we couldn’t make Mexico happen (because we scared away 2 wedding planners since our wedding was so complicated), we had to think about doing the wedding in the USA.  We did not want to do this, but we didn’t think we had too much choice.  Then, Seema asked me:  if you could have it any way you wanted, what city would you choose?  I said, “of course this is not possible, but Granada.”  I have always loved Andalucia, and Granada in particular. Imagine our excitement when her email to you resulted in a response, then another, then another.  Before we knew it, you were making our impossible dream possible, our indian wedding in Granada.

Ya te dije que pensamos que viniste del cielo–  que tu nombre, Angeles, de verdad significa quien eres:  un angel que nosotros deberiamos encontrar para organizer nuestra boda imposible.  Angeles, if we had not met you, our dream wedding in Granada would instead have taken place somewhere else.  You made it so possible for us to do something like this in Granada, and without compromising our cultural heritage.  You allowed us to have the wedding in one of the most special places to us, while allowing us bring our Indian traditions and customs to all of the events.And we know that it was not easy–  there were so many details, so many more complications and requests than a typical wedding.  And you did everything for us with your love and heart and because you cared so much.  We are so lucky, so fortunate to have worked with you.  Like everyone you found for us in Spain, you never treated us like “clients” and this wedding like a “job”.  Instead, you treated this like something you loved, and it showed.  There were so many details, so many little things you did for us.  We know.  And we are so thankful.

We thank you very much, and we don’t say good bye.  We say see you later.

 Love, Farouk and Seema


Farouk & Seema

Tener la ayuda de Alhambra Weddings y en concreto de Ángeles para la organización de la boda ha sido un acierto. En nuestro caso nos ayudaron a la organización integral de la boda, desde el primer momento entendieron lo que buscábamos y nos ayudaron en todo momento para conseguir la boda que habíamos soñado. Lo mejor de todo es que gracias a Ángeles sabíamos los pasos a seguir en cada momento, poniéndonos en contacto con los servicios que necesitábamos. En definitiva, una experiencia muy positiva, muchas gracias por todo.

Eduardo Padilla



Granada, Spain

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